Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meeting the Living Truth Face to Face

I was with a few of our soldiers at our Thursday night biblestudy. We had a great time of fellowship in going over a particular biblestudy that we were discussing. As we continued to share about our biblestudy and our daily quiet times- one of the soldiers asked if he could share something that he recently realized and discovered. This soldier reared up quite humbly but excitedly pronounced about what he had recently read.

John 14:6 I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

What this young soldier began to excitedly proclaim to everyone at his study… was “I just realized that Jesus Christ IS truth!! Not that Jesus spoke truth- which He did… but He is the LIVING TRUTH!” I was very excited for this young soldier. He had realized that Jesus Christ is Truth and he had began an adventure in walking with Jesus Christ personally in a very new and fresh and vibrant way- realizing that not only did he have the opportunity to find out about the truth….. but he had the opportunity to personally know and experience that Truth- because He now approaches the bible as God’s living Word- God’s living Truth.

I hope to see this soldier continuing to grow in his relationship with Christ- he has started on a very exciting turn to his journey because now, he is approaching the Word as Christ Himself- as the Truth that he can know personally. Now… we have so many implications to this….
One of them- is that I can live Truth personally and know Truth personally because Truth is the person of Christ- not some far off idea or principal that I can only hope to understand- but Truth is Jesus Christ Himself- and I can personally know Him and invest time with Him.

To close … some of the questions we can consider is :

How much time am I investing in the Truth- the Word?
What Truths am I allowing to infiltrate my heart, my mind, my soul?
What lies have I allowed to infiltrate my heart, my mind, my soul?

If I am going to sincerely live the Truth of Jesus Christ in my life- I am going to have to invest enough time in the Word in order to put myself face to face with these Truths and also face to face with the lies that I may have been living in my life- I may have simply never realized the existence of these lies in my mind because I have not been able to compare it to the Holiness of the Truth.