Monday, January 11, 2010


We just began going through the book, The MasterPlan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman.
In it… Coleman outlines Jesus’ plan to reach the World for God. His plan- train a few … invest in them in such a way that they will be driven to do the same. Coleman breaks down Jesus’ strategy in find these men and discipling them to become disciplemakers.

The first step that Coleman talks about in Chapter 1 is Selection.

The following are thoughts that came from our STS biblestudy group as we discussed chapter 1.

  • Selection- the choosing of men to train and invest in who will be capable of leading and training others for the cause of Christ
  • Is it worth doing?" "Is it getting the job done?" –questions that Coleman challenges us to ask in our churches and ministries in order to see if the activities we are doing and involved with- are actually meeting Christ’s goal of making disciples who are actively pursuing Christ, walking with God, and attempting to disciple others around them
  • What are the criteria that Jesus used to ‘choose’ His men?
    They were willing to learn…
    They were willing to give up everything to follow Christ- Matt 4:20 … at once they left their nets and followed Him…
    They were looking for more…
    They were frustrated with the current model of what it mean to ‘follow God’
  • The helping of a few ensures that we are ‘multiplying’ the people who will be able to lead others- therefore investing in a few allows us to help a larger number of people because we train others to be leaders who can help others…
  • It seems like the bottom line of what Coleman was trying to illustrate is how each of us can do a similar practice is investing in a few men rather than attempting to help everyone at once- invest in a few and train them effectively, affect them deeply, and then send them out to reach others in their own spheres

What are your thoughts on Coleman’s idea of ‘selection?’

How have you seen Jesus using this principle as He was beginning His ministry?

What are your thoughts on attempting to apply this principle yourself?

Do you have questions about trying to apply this principle in your ministry context?