Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Search .... The Man Hunt for a Worthy Man

Flipping through some movie clips of "The Fugitive" with Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford, where US Marshall Sam Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) is on the manhunt for Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford) who just escaped from a prison transfer.

Reminded of a conversation and question we had at this past Spring Conference….
Cecil Bean had just finished talking about Jesus being our Example…. And how we must follow what He did and How He did it- meaning we must be making disciples as He did.
One of the questions was “How do I bring this back to my church back at home?”
The Response “You don’t have to … just find one worthy man.”  That’s what Jesus did. 

Matt 10:11 "Whatever town or village you enter, search for some worthy person there and stay at his house until you leave. 

Jesus’ pattern was to find a few… someone who was hungry to know God and to grow as a believer- He found several- but He picked out 12 to invest in and train.  In turn- these men would pick out a few “worthy” men themselves and invest and train them as well.

This is what we are to do in a nutshell.  As we are growing and progressing in our own, personal walk with Christ- as we are investing in the Basics of the Christian life (prayer, biblestudy, QTs, fellowship, outreach) then we are to be on the search… on the lookout… on the manhunt for that particular one that not only says they want to know more- but are willing to move forward in doing something about it as well.  That’s what a worthy man looks like- not only ‘curious’ and interested about the bible… not only interested about God… but willing and able and determined to DO what they are finding and seeing