Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Campbell/Knox Spring Conference 2013

Campbell/ Knox Spring Conference 2013 at White Mills Christian Camp

The Ft. Campbell Nav ministry met with the Ft. Knox Nav ministry just this past weekend for our Spring Conference.  It was a quick conference, with the bulk of the conference occurring this past Saturday.  Doug Cote was the key note speaker.  We had some great fellowship time, fun, and great discussion as we mulled over the things Doug shared with us from his testimony and the 2 messages he shared with us.  Here are few high points from the weekend talks....

  • Doug had opportunity to get bitter with God- but he chose not to get bitter with God or with people 
  • Doug made Lordship decisions to CHOOSE to spend time with the people who could effectively train him and develop him as a laborer and disciple-maker
  • We use our logic to determine life decisions- but many times God has his OWN PLAN on what He wants to do and what He will do with us
  • The POA ensures that God will always send men and women who are committed to Him 
  • We need to pray for WORTHY men and women for God
  • We need to BE... WORTHY men and women for God
  • Our ministries are led by sinners- so we need to give each other some slack because we all need Jesus' help
  • Job 2:10- Accept adversity from God 
  • We need to realize we WILL go through adversity in our lifetime
  • We need to quit talking about being 'broken' when we're really not
Hope a few of these points will re-energize the thoughts from the conference and that it will also challenge us to move forward and further in our personal walk with Christ and how we can build and invest in others as well.