Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chongs Road Trip 2010.. The Final Destination

Chongs Road Trip 2010
The Final Destination…

Below is an excerpt from my FB post about our final leg to move the Chongs household goods to Ft. Lewis, WA as they are now moving there to lead the Navigator Ministry at Ft. Lewis.

We arrived at the Stroud’s Home late last night…
Had a little vehicle trouble- we made it over and above a bunch of those things we call ‘mountains’.
The rental truck the Chongs had was also towing their Xterra. So… after going over all those mountains with a full truck and towing their SUV- it was about time that the truck was getting a bit tired. Engine overheating and some transmission fluid leak- so we stopped to let the engine cool. We dropped the Xterra and drove it to alleviate the tonnage that the truck was towing and things turned out better.
We prayed for continued overwatch and intervention by God to bring us there safely and we made it….

One of the things we discussed as we were traveling… I shared my QT thoughts with the guys.

I am currently reading NKJV this year:
But the verse that caught my attention:
2 Tim 2:3 You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

The reason why this verse caught me was that I never really read this in light of verse 2…. We all KNOW verse 2….
And the things you have heard me say, in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.

I never considered verse 3 in light of verse 2… but I guess I should- it puts it in context.
The operative word for me was THEREFORE in verse 3…. So it says… because of verse 2… I need to live like verse 3.
Since I am supposed to live and DO verse 2… make disciples- things are going to be tough, we are each doing this mission while still at war spiritually with Satan…….
Therefore I have to continue to press on with the mission of making disciples for Christ despite all the issues of warfare that will befall a soldier…
The things that will befall a soldier in battle- casualties, hardships, hunger, sleep deprivation, rank-ism… whatever… these things will happen to a soldier in war. Therefore- they must endure in order to accomplish the mission….
We are at war as well…. Spiritually speaking…. So we must endure too… because these things will happen as well to us- spiritually speaking…
So… we must each not allow the things that befall a soldier to prevent us from pressing on toward accomplishing the mission of making disciples for Christ- this is the pressing issue- because making disciples and bringing the Message of Christ to the maximum number of people- that is the pressing need for a hurt and hopeless world.

Despite the length of the trip and losing some sleep- it was actually an outstanding time…
A great time of fellowship- while simultaneously taking the opportunity to help a great friend and co-laborer as well.

Hope you guys will take some time to remember the Chongs in prayer as they take charge of leading the ministry at Ft. Lewis. May God add a hundred more couples like Mike and Liz to us at Campbell so that we can continue to train and develop them to send them out to lead and make disciples….