Thursday, December 23, 2010

Reading the book "Living Legacy"

Team Campbell and Friends....
Our STS team finished the year reading the book "Living Legacy"
Written by Jim Downing to celebrate the 75 year anniversary of the Navigators Ministry.
Here are a few points that people drew out as we read it and discussed it together.
If you have not had a chance to read it- I highly recommend it as it will give you each an idea of how the Navigators ministry started and what it took to get this tremendous work off the ground and running to where it is today....
The book is divided into 2 parts.
The first part covering Dawson Trotman- the founder of the Navigators
The second part covering Lorne Sanny- the leader who took over after Daws died

Part I
  • The book presented Daws as Human- Lindsey Stone
  • Daws recognized that it Was God who did all the work- Jake
  • Daws was assured of the Promises of God- Mercy
  • Jim had every reason to never come back to Daws and the ministry since he felt offended, but he DID return- Joe
  • Daws prioritized laborers at the cost of casualties- Matthew
  • Depending on how much we put into it is what God allows us to produce- Jake
  • Simple Mission: Christ + maturity- Jake
  • Daws made the mission simple- find one man, help him grow to where he can help another- Caleb
  • Daws knew what God gave him and made no apologies for his weaknesses but was never satisfied with the state of things- Matthew
  • The sovereignty of God is what started things and what continued things- Mercy
  • Daws passion and Vision changed people's lives- Matthew
Part II
  • The mentality that Daws created was that everyone was responsible for everything- Matthew
  • Jim's perspective on the ministry: "The Navigators were on the front lines, waging spiritual warfare, releasing captives out of darkness, and equipping them and enlisting them in spiritual battle" - Jake
  • Daws perfectionist attitude caused him to be a micro-manager, we need to be careful not to fall into this trap- Joe
  • Having a 'protector' like Jim was for Lorne is key to our survival- Joe
  • The community that they had, re-emphasizes for me what the environment can do for ministry- Andrew V
  • Lorne modeled submission to God, He was an undershepherd to the Great Shepherd- Jake
  • Quote from page 80 "Although the Navigator family was exceptionally close, there were some wounded souls who felt like they were outsiders and second-class citizens. They were only healed as they banded together and bonded in new spiritual battles, of which there was an abundance of opportunity" - Joe