Tuesday, November 2, 2010

John 14

Greetings Team Campbell and Friends....

Our STS team went over John 14 last night. I've posted a few of the thoughts from our discussion. I hope each of you guys are getting and taking opportunity to do some digging in the Word- especially these particular chapters alongside with us.

  • Seeing Jesus IS seeing God.
  • The miracles were to establish Christ's credibility- not to PROVE God- but they were show the people why they should listen to Christ. Victor P/Matthew C
  • Obedience to God = Loving God
  • Loving Christ = Obeying Christ's commands
  • Jesus tells the 12D that He DOES intend to only reveal Himself to those who are willing to be obedient- not to everyone else.... vs.22-23
  • This 'peace' promised to them is different from the OT version of peace
  • Seems that Jesus is saying one of the main reasons I'm going to the Cross is not only to take care of the sin issue for us- but to show the world- I WILL AND AM OBEDIENT TO THE FATHER
Hope these thoughts will drive you each to look at the Word closer and investigate more and more who is Christ and what did He say and want....