Tuesday, October 26, 2010

John 13

Team Campbell and Friends...

Our STS team just went over John 13 and though we did go over the scheduled time- it made for outstanding discussion...

A few high points and questions that were drawn out:

  • Experience is what drives teaching more than teaching driving the experience. –James Carter
  • Consider verse 30: is that a spiritual or physical element? Is it really night time?
  • ver 34-35 consider the different loves, and is this really a new commandment or really is it in the Leviticus 19:18? So what is new about this? It was the way that Jesus demonstrated it. Are they different “loves?” When do we give up our lives for others? Is that what we are encouraged to do in the New Testament verse the Old Testament? Or was there something that Jesus did for the 11-12 that he didn’t do with the masses?
  • Jesus didn’t ask about the new command but asked about where he was going. They might have just been scared to be alone but he might be forcing them to actually having to do it. We will have victories and then we will fall. The most growth comes after a big fall. –Victor Pedilla
  • “What do I need to do to extend God’s love more than just putting someone through a program" - William
  • When Jesus says "A new command I give you..." why does He say its a NEW command?- Jonathan Bennett
  • Possibly a failure in fellowship- none of the other disciples knew what Judas was thinking or about to do...
    - Joe E
Just a few thoughts from the chapter...
Feel free to respond to these or add your own thoughts as well...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

John 13-17

Team Campbell....... and friends...

Our STS team is going over John 13-17 in our STS biblestudy.
We did the overview last night....

Feel free to post any thoughts or comments even if you have not had a chance to do the study yourself- I want to create an atmosphere to share and fellowship over these particular chapters even if you guys haven't had a chance to do the study yet.
These chapters are Chock full of good stuff....
Some thoughts from our STS team last night
  • Jesus continues to show how to point us to His Father
  • Jesus continue to show that He is living and manuevering to bring glory to God (visibility to God)
  • From John 20:31- this is the reason why John wrote this all..... 'that we might believe in Christ and have life in His name'
  • This chapter starts in the Room where they are eating the Passover and ends in the Garden of Gethsamane
  • Interesting webpage talking about the Passover meal- for those interested in doing more research on this topic...... http://www.differentspirit.org/articles/passover_meal.php
Hope you guys are all able to chime in with a thought or two...
Happy digging...

Friday, October 15, 2010

SE Navigators Military conference

The following is a post that I sent for our Ft. Campbell Ministry contacts....

Team Campbell,

Great time this weekend at the SE Navigators Military Conference in Toccoa GA.

Toccoa… Currahhee!!! For some of you folks….

Ministries from Ft. Bragg, Benning, Campbell, Knox, Rucker, Stewart and Eglin Airforce base, Hurlburt AFB and a few other Airforce and even Navy ministries joined us.

About 201 total people….

A few high points of the conference…

Chuck Wood talked about several key points: We must grow in our Commitment, Competence, and Connectedness to Christ and our Brothers and sisters…

In the parable of the Talents (matt 25) … God’s idea of reward= more given responsibility

God gave talents according to their ability

Those who were faithful with what was given to them- God gave more…

We must be leveraging our assets (time, money, relationships… etc.) for the expansion and progression of the Kingdom of god

A few other blurbs from others at the conference:

“God will not be known casually” …. Bill Mason

“The community that we have here is outstanding and encouraging” … James Carter

“Jesus is fundamental in the Basics”… Ben Kayser

“Deliberate practice is what separates the world class athletes from the good athletes”… Joseph Peer

“The only way to get 7 years of experience, is to go through 7 years of experience”… Chuck Wood

“Vision is what gives purpose and motivation to the Basics of the Christian life”… Joe Ebuen

“I’m following Christ despite my shortcomings, insecurities, and what happened in my childhood”… Matthew Clark

"Do not attach your ego to the process"... Chuck Wood

One of the things that really encouraged me as well was to hear a couple of our younger single soldiers talk about how they wanted to take some serious time contemplating how and if they were truly faithful , available, and teachable to Christ. Guys were walking away challenged and considering how they might look to be more committed to Christ and what ways were they not allowing themselves to be fully committed to Jesus.

All in all... an outstanding time in fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.

Please feel free to post any thoughts or questions from the conference.

Even if you didn't go... please feel free to ask about it further and I will post some more thoughts from me and any of our other speakers.