Tuesday, October 19, 2010

John 13-17

Team Campbell....... and friends...

Our STS team is going over John 13-17 in our STS biblestudy.
We did the overview last night....

Feel free to post any thoughts or comments even if you have not had a chance to do the study yourself- I want to create an atmosphere to share and fellowship over these particular chapters even if you guys haven't had a chance to do the study yet.
These chapters are Chock full of good stuff....
Some thoughts from our STS team last night
  • Jesus continues to show how to point us to His Father
  • Jesus continue to show that He is living and manuevering to bring glory to God (visibility to God)
  • From John 20:31- this is the reason why John wrote this all..... 'that we might believe in Christ and have life in His name'
  • This chapter starts in the Room where they are eating the Passover and ends in the Garden of Gethsamane
  • Interesting webpage talking about the Passover meal- for those interested in doing more research on this topic...... http://www.differentspirit.org/articles/passover_meal.php
Hope you guys are all able to chime in with a thought or two...
Happy digging...


  1. One of my thoughts was on the fact on how quickly this took place and the fact that it was right before Jesus was crucified. So Jesus is telling them stuff on his deathbed. I tried to imagine what I would want to say, and thought of some important thing that I would want to pass on. To me, this is what Jesus is doing in these verses. By looking at the overall outline it seems that there is some reoccuring themes. Remain in me, Love one another, and the Holy Spirit is coming. So these should be the highlights of the study for me as well.

  2. One thing got brought up (by Matthew) was that the 12 had a skewed/narrowed picture of how Jesus would fulfill the role of “the King of Jews;” they still thought Jesus is to be a ruler of the nation instead of getting crucified on the cross (which is why Simon Peter would have such reaction in Matthew 16). It makes me think about how we all started following Christ with our own understanding of how it should play out, and as we getting more matured on the path, God gradually reveals to us the clearer picture…which often leads to us making lordship-decisions since such revelation would conflict with what we originally have in mind of Christianity…anyway, I’m looking forward to study more on John for sure.

    P.S. I think John 17 is gonna be a GREAT chapter for observing how Jesus did it when it comes to “not attaching your ego to the process”…I can’t wait. :P

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  4. I liked Matthew's word too since I do think that alot of our investigation of the Word is to help us UNDO the lies and 'mis-truths' that we have about God, about Christ, about anything they have said about us and the world. There is alot of lies and half-truths out there.... it is amazing how many of us have bought into them- but unless we investigate God's word to see what the REAL truth is- we will be doomed to follow lies and half-truths....