Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The VOICE..... Compels us

Just wanted to share a short email I got from a good friend of mine deployed overseas.
I'm encouraged by his heart to pursue Jesus and bring Him to others.
I hope you are as encouraged and challenged by him as I am.

Things my way have been cool. It's up tempo and long hours but I am continuing to stay in the word and in prayer. I had a neat nugget form my qt yesterday.

"One voice"

My new reading plan consists of reading the gospels for the next sixth months. Matthew 1, Mark 1, Luke 1, John 1. It has been really neat to take a closer look at who Jesus was and what he did to accomplish God's vision for mankind. I came across Matthew 3:3, This is a quotation from Isaiah 40:3, Concerning John the baptist.

" The voice of one crying in the wilderness: prepare the way of the LORD; make straight in the dessert A highway for our GOD."

In each gospel I see that John was called to be a "voice" to people of Judea, mainly to bring them to Jesus. I just recently read the whole book of Acts to get  grasp a overall view of what Luke was trying to convey. It is really cool if you haven't, just to read a book of the bible in one setting.  And I came up with a thought. "Voice" The one voice that the original apostles, Paul and other missionaries obeyed and Listen to, was the Holy Spirit. This impacted the course of mankind.

The Voice is God wanting us to be his witnesses so the world may know him and guiding and directing us to be faithful to him . (John B prepared the way)

I was challenged in this area , The Holy spirit led me to make a vow that for the rest of this month I will not go to sleep unless I share the gospel with at least one person a day. Its funny because I was being hesitant but finally gave in. So, last night I was doing sts at the coffee shop and a couple of guys sat next to me. It led to small talk but no hope. So, I continued to sts. Then my new friend Colin Crow sat across from me to do his qt. (answer to prayer in regards to fellowship) He talked about our own personal testimonies and what we have been getting out of the word and prayer. We will be meeting everyday at the coffee shop. :)  Really cool and humble guy too! Looking forward to that!

But the night wasn't over yet. I thought this was the guy but I could not go to sleep because the Holy Spirit was too convicting. So, I got out of my bed and walked around the barracks to see who would I share Jesus with. I came across some guys who were smoking and shared Jesus with them. They really wasn't interested but we had a neat conversation about Jesus and religion. What a day it was!

I am praying that I will be voice for others so they would come to know and walk with Jesus. Ultimately the Holy Spirit doing the work in them.Thanks for lending a ear brother. Miss you! Pray for the guys my Battalion has been taking a beating. Also, my buddy Damian Ortiz. I have been helping him with reading the bible and him hearing from God himself.

Thanks for lending a ear.
In him,

Reading the Word is not enough- it is a great start.  But allowing the Word to sink deeply into our minds and hearts in such a way as it compels us to respond and live with a mission minded focus- this is how we are marked as followers of Christ and where God begins to do a work to transform who we are.
I'm hoping and praying that each us us are giving God the opportunity to impact us and transform us through allowing ourselves to get fully exposed to the Word of God.  Unless we dive in with curiosity and a hunger to  know Him- these kinds of responses may not be possible.
If we do...
If we put in the time to dig into God's Word...
If we invest in understanding what God was wanting- the possibility for God to transform us and use us becomes reality.